Bottle Only

Mendis-Coconut-BottleOnly-v1Don’t want the domain name, – and only want the bottle of Mendis Coconut Rum?

Make an offer via the form below and we will present it to the bottle investors on your behalf thus protecting your identity and theirs.

Once your offer is accepted, the next step will be for you to arrange for a good faith deposit.

Ideally your deposit will be into an escrow account at Epik (i.e., The Registrar) per their Masterbucks program with no additional fees for escrow.  Or via an alternative escrow service of your choosing (and at your expense).

Accordingly with a deposit in escrow, we will then make mutual introductions so you can deal direct with the bottle investors to finalize payment and bottle transfer details (e.g., certified bank check for outstanding balance with delivery exchange at private bank located in metro NYC region or metro Chicago region).


Make an Offer

Please note that Avanti (i.e., The Domain Broker) never touches the bottle nor your money. Avanti only arranges for the exchange of mutual contact information after your offer is accepted and you made your good faith deposit.

If for whatever reason during the bottle transfer (e.g., bottle breaks on exit from safe deposit box) you have the right to walk away from the deal with a refund.

Bottle Offers
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